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Hey guys!

I’ve been gone long enough to officially call this a COME BACK. Get ready for a stream of posts. :D

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what do I love late at night?

drawing and milk & cereal.

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Guys, I have been working on many things of late and I can’t wait to show you. Now is not the time. But, soon.

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Hey Guys! I know it’s been a while but there are some serious goods to come. Stick around. I’ll be back full fledge in July.

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A mini series I’ve been working on for my roommates. See if you can name all the characters! I’m also taking commissions and series suggestions.

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Ron Swanson as BatmanLeslie Knope as RobinJerry Gergich as HawkmanDonna Meagle as Wonder WomanChris Traeger as The FlashBen Wyatt as the Green LanternAnn Perkins as the Black CatTom Haverford as the Green ArrowApril Ludgate as Aqua(wo)manAndy Dywer as Superman

Well thanks so much for posting my illustrations MTV geek. You can see them all and purchase them at my website: vicktrolaprints.com

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Hey Kids! I’m starting a new how-to series beginning with one of my favorite things to do. If you have suggestions feel free to message me!

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Alright Guys! After a short hiatus I’m returning to the world of TUMBLR… I’m currently taking commissions so inbox me if you want in on this limited time craziness. Cheers!

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Have I mentioned that I’m pretty pumped for the movie Looper? Be sure to check out Director Rian Johnson’s cousin, Zach Johnson’s tumblr for more art related to the movie. He hand painted over 700 frames to create an animated version of the trailer. There are links to all his goodies here: http://zucherman.tumblr.com/

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Well Guys, I did it. I finally finished the Parks and Recreation/ Justice League series with a portrait of Andy Dwyer as Superman! This series started as a doodle of Leslie Knope and ended up becoming a challenge to pair the Parks and Rec character personalities to the superpowers of the Justice League. Please enjoy and feel free to check out more of my work at:


and you can buy prints of the series here:


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